Jonathan Bartsch

Jonathan Bartsch, is the Principal at CDR Associates. With 25 years of experience as a facilitator and mediator in politically and technically complex public policy issues, Jonathan’s work focuses on building consensus around multi-agency land use, climate change, and water resources efforts. He is known for his ability to strategically evaluate challenges and facilitate the development of practical recommendations and decisions. Jonathan is particularly effective in contexts where there are legal and technical challenges, significant policy and environmental implications, and strong emotions. Off the clock, Jonathan relaxes by playing the cello and by running the numerous paths surrounding his mountain home.

Jonathan’s ICS Work

When state and federal agencies look for a reliable resource to gather and disseminate information, and to keep the lines of communication open, Jonathan invariably is at the top of the list. Thriving on complex, high-stakes negotiations, he has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to bring the public and agencies together to solve problems and make solid decisions. His ICS work focuses on leading complex water negotiations. See:

Reclamation Funds ICS Water Optimization Study