Emily Zmak

Emily Zmak leads CDR Associates’ water practice and spearheads engagement on complex water resource projects. Her expertise includes stakeholder engagement and conflict resolution; education and outreach on water resources issues; and collaborative water policy development. Her portfolio connects water users to water decision-making, and works to build local resilience to the impacts of climate change and growth. In addition to diverse and exciting projects across the United States, Emily has worked as a community engagement specialist in Malawi; as a team-lead in responding to refugee landings in Lesvos, Greece; and as a researcher on water quality, use, and conservation issues for a US-based mining company. She researched transboundary water conflicts in Kyrgyzstan while on a Fulbright grant. Emily holds an MA in Conflict Resolution from the University of Denver.

Emily’s ICS Work

Emily and her associates at CDR have collaborated on multiple ICS projects. Emily spearheads community engagement and outreach efforts for the City of Thornton’s Northern Properties¬† Stewardship Plan effort, where ICS is leading a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation water market feasibility study. She also organized and led outreach for Colorado State University’s Spur water institute initiative. See:

Reclamation Funds ICS Water Optimization Study
ICS Maps Course for Spur Water Policy Institute