Andrew Boyd

Andrew Boyd is a Landscape Planner focusing on the integration of habitat and hydrology within coupled human and natural systems. Andrew’s practice in urban systems focuses on watershed restoration in several landmark projects throughout North America. Notable work includes design with Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates on the Don Mouth Naturalization and Port Lands Flood Protection Plan in Toronto, Ontario. Andrew is currently affiliated with SCAPE Landscape Architecture in New York City.

Andrew’s ICS Work

Andrew’s ICS work is advancing a systems approach to help Colorado organizations and their partners in agriculture protect production economies while supporting multi-benefit projects that address supply shortages induced by rapid urban growth, climate change, and mandatory curtailments under interstate compacts. The approach uses spatial analytics, scenario planning frameworks, and decision-support technologies to initiate field-level actions that generate adaptive and restorative watershed-scale impacts. These frameworks and technologies enable organizations to identify, prioritize, and launch projects that improve agricultural-economic outputs on fewer irrigated acres while strategically repurposing some lands back into interconnected natural habitats—improving river and wetland conditions, building soil carbon, and enhancing ecosystem function. See:

Reclamation Funds ICS Water Optimization Study
Mitigating the Economic Impacts of Dry-Up