Jeff Kahn

Jeff Kahn, a water attorney and Partner at Lyons Gaddis Attorneys & Counselors, has dedicated his professional career to helping clients solve water-related problems. Jeff has been practicing water law in Colorado for over 35 years. He has assisted municipality special districts, water conservancy districts, irrigation companies, landowners, and developers. His experience includes working for the State of Colorado in drafting and assisting in the promulgation of the nontributary groundwater rules. His trial and appellate work at Lyons Gaddis includes numerous signature cases.

Jeff’s ICS Work

As part of a multidisciplinary ICS team, Jeff is advancing a systems approach to help protect western production agriculture economies while supporting multi-benefit projects that address supply shortages induced by rapid urban growth, climate change, and mandatory curtailments under interstate compacts. Jeff works with ICS on projects with individual producers, ag organizations, cities, and NGOs. See:

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