Kevin McCarty

Kevin McCarty is a Certified General Appraiser in Colorado and Wyoming and the owner of McCarty Land & Water Valuation. Kevin grew up on a farm near Dodge City, Kansas. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Kansas State University and a Master’s Degree in Resource Geography from Oregon State University. Kevin began his 30-year appraisal career with the Kansas Department of Revenue. He also served as the Sherman County Assessor in Goodland, Kansas. Kevin moved to Loveland, Colorado, and was hired by Robert Mitchell, MAI, in 1993. He purchased the business two years later. Kevin has conducted appraisal work in more than 80 counties throughout the Rocky Mountains and High Plains, including assignments in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and New Mexico.

Kevin’s ICS Work

Kevin’s market data and valuation reports provide the baseline for ICS conservation transaction modeling.  Keving has worked with ICS to examine land and water values following major agricultural-to-municipal water transfers.  His data reports help ICS develop market-based strategies to protect productive lands and mitigate dry-up impacts. See:

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