Innovative solutions to complex land and water management problems

for landowners, governments, NGOs, and partnerships


Empowering people to protect the land and water resources upon which our lives and livelihoods depend.


ICS solves complex land and water management problems. We lead expert teams who—through collaboration and collective impact—help align political, institutional, and economic forces to make critical conservation actions possible.


ICS provides strategic consultation, planning, and project management services to landowners, governments, NGOs, and partnerships. We protect land and water resources; build resilient communities; advance environmental stewardship; and create strong, sustainable economic futures.

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Sourav Biswas

Sourav Kumar Biswas is a landscape planner at Sasaki and spatial analyst with experience...

Jeff Kahn

Jeff Kahn, a water attorney and Partner at Lyons Gaddis Attorneys and Counselors, has...

Rebecca Jewett

Rebecca Jewett is the Executive Director of the Palmer Land Trust, one the United...

Paige Lewis

Paige Lewis is the Deputy State Director and Director of Conservation Programs for The...

Chris Markuson

Chris Markuson is the CEO of Anza Group, LLC, a consulting agency that provides services...

Flavio Sciaraffia

Flavio Sciaraffia is professional Architect and the Executive Director of GeoAdaptive’s...

Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas

Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas is a Principal partner at GeoAdaptive and a Lecturer and Research...

Kolu Zigby

Kolu Zigby is the Program Director for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems at the...

Kevin McCarty

Kevin McCarty is a Certified General Appraiser in Colorado and Wyoming and the owner of...